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Newborn "Must-haves" and "Don't-bothers"

When I was pregnant I studied up so much on what I need, what I really needed, for baby! With so many products out there it's hard to know which ones are going to make life with a newborn easier, and which ones will just give your self-deprived self a bigger headache!

In the end I still ended up with some things that I just didn't like or hardly used and other things which were truly life savers. Having come out on the other side (my son is now 5 months old) I'd like to pass on which products I'd most recommend you get and which ones I'd most recommend you pass on.

So without further ado, here are my newborn must-haves and don't-bothers!

Must-have: Swaddle Sacks

Wearable sleep sacks, aka swaddle sacks like this Halo SleepSack, are my number one must-have item for newborns! These bad boys will help keep baby's startle reflex under control and they stay on! By about 3 months my boy was able to Houdini one arm out but he never fully busted out of his sleep sacks!

Don't-bother: Swaddle Blankets

On the other hand, he was busting out of traditional swaddle blankets by the time we brought him home from the hospital! Didn't matter how tightly or masterfully we swaddled him, he could get out. And we found no other uses for them (although you may come up with some creative ones yourself). We were given a bunch as baby shower gifts and they've all hardly been used.

Must-have: Nose Frida

Its a new age for booger sucking thanks to the Nose Frida! This handy device allows you to suck boogers and snot right out of baby's nose. Which you'll probably need to do often during the first couple of months. And don't worry, you won't suck any snot into your mouth! The hygiene filter prevents that. You won't get their germs either.

Don't-bother: Bulb Syringe

These are the old school product used before Nose Frida came around. You'll probably get one from the hospital, no harm in keeping it just in case. But don't bother buying another one. They're a total waste as they hardly work for sucking out snot. The Nose Frida does a far better job! I even know a mom who used the Nose Frida to suck mucus out of her baby's throat when they couldn't breathe and a bulb syringe didn't help!

Must-have: Prefold Diapers

Prefold diapers are a fantastic multi-purpose item to have on hand! These quickly became my go-to burp cloths as they are thicker than regular burp cloths and super absorbent. They are also great to have on hand as backup diapers in case all your pocket diapers are dirty or you run out of disposables It happens!

Don't-bother: Receiving Blankets

Seriously, what are these even for? We have never used the ones we were given!

Must-have: Sleepers

Sleepers, especially ones that zip-up, will likely be your go-to outfit during the newborn months! You can get them thin for warm weather or thick for cold weather. They're a one-piece outfit that is easy to put on and easy for diaper changes! And no worries about tiny sock falling off.

Don't-bother: Fancy, multi-piece outfits

Save the 3-piece suit for when baby is a few months older. Dressing a tired, fussy newborn is never easy. Don't make it harder on yourself by selecting outfits with lots of different pieces and layers (unless of course, weather dictates it).

Must-have: A stockpile of wipes

Babies go through a lot of wipes! You'll use them for diaper changes, to clean their hands, to clean their faces, to clean up all kinds of messes. The great thing about wipes is they don't come in sizes and if you get a brand with minimal ingredients, like Water Wipes, then it is very unlikely that baby will have a bad reaction to them. My boy is now 5 months old and we're still going through the stockpile I squirreled away while pregnant. Its nice to not have to worry about running out.

Don't-bother: A stockpile of diapers

I know there are people who will disagree with me on this but I don't recommend stockpiling diapers. First of all, you don't know how your baby will react to them or which diapers you'll even like. Secondly, you don't know how many of each size you'll need. My boy was in newborn for two months! Your baby may be in size 1 from birth! You won't know until baby is here. So get a little bit in a few different sizes to have on hand but don't overdue it just yet.

And that's all! I wanted to keep this list brief because the truth is, you don't need a whole lot for a baby! They need clothing, shelther, food, love. Most everything else is extra.

Best of luck with your new bundle of joy!

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