Monday, August 20

Second Trimester Survival Guide

Oh boy! Time sure is flying by. As I write this I'm already well into my 28th week of pregnancy and settled into the third trimester. Looking back on the second trimester I finally understand why people say it's the best trimester (at the time, I wasn't really feeling the love! haha). I had more energy, no more nausea, my bump wasn't huge yet, and I got to find out the sex of my baby so it was a really exciting time!

But with that being said, it wasn't free of its own trials and tribulations. I had some unsavory symptoms during the second trimester just as I did during the first and just as I am now going through during the third. But I did my best to cope with them and with that, I'll be sharing the tips I learned with you!


This was by far the most miserable symptom I experienced during my second trimester. It was mainly a result of lifting and activity at work. Now that I'm no longer working (I just quit this past weekend! WOOHOO!) it rarely bothers me. But during my second trimester, I tried everything to help ease the pain!

  1. Over-the-counter pain medication. When I just couldn't take it anymore I took some Tylenol to ease the pain! I talked to my doctor and he actually recommended ibuprofen to me until the third trimester as he said it would reduce inflammation in addition to the pain. However, I chose to just stick to Tylenol. It's worth asking your doctor which medicines they approve for you for pain relief!
  2. Heating pad!! Sitting on a warm heating pad helped more than anything else did. It was such a huge relief to my aching bum.
  3. Rest. My sciatica hurt the most on days when I was on my feet a lot. So some days when I was off work I'd just sit or lay day as much as possible to give my hips a break.
  4. Pregnancy pillow! Not only will these help you sleep better but they'll help you sleep in a position which is optimal for easing your hip pain. I seldom felt more comfortable than when curling up to my pillow at night.
  5. Lift-restriction. I actually got a 20lbs lift restriction from my doctor during my first trimester in order to stave off getting sciatica. Unfortunately, I still got it. But if you do heavy lifting at your job then it's worth asking your doctor to write you a restriction to ease the burden.
  6. I switched to part-time. At a certain point, my sciatica got so bad that I just couldn't continue the workload I had been doing, even with the lift-restriction, so I switched from full-time to part-time at my job. When I did I started having flare-ups far less often! This definitely won't be an option for everyone but if it's feasible for you then it may be worth considering, even if only for a short period of time, to give your body a break.


Never in my life have I had a nosebleed. Until I got pregnant that is, now I've already had 10! The first time was quite a shock for me but now I've almost gotten used to them.
  1. The best thing to do when you have a nosebleed is to pinch the bridge of your nose together for several minutes until the bleeding stops. Don't tilt your head back as this could cause the blood to flow back and down your throat!

Round Ligament Pain

Towards the end of my second trimester, I started experiencing more frequent round ligament pain, especially when going out for my daily walks!
  1. A maternity belt can help provide extra support for your bump, reducing cramping while walking. (Spoiler alert: they also help with the back pain that will be coming in the third trimester. So invest in one now!)
  2. Switch positions and move slowly. Sometimes round ligament pain hits when you get up too fast, when switch positions while sitting or laying down too fast, or when you're sitting or laying in an awkward positon (according to your uterus). Remember to move slowly and adjust your positioning and the cramping will likely subside quickly.


It started in my first trimester and it hasn't gone away yet!
  1. Keep taking those Tums!
  2. Keep drinking that Heartburn Tea! (Mentioned in the First Trimester Survival Guide)
  3. Reduce your intake of spicy and acidic foods.
  4. If all else fails, talk to your doctor about other medications you can take. Mine prescribed me Zantac which has helped tremendously!

Itching Belly

As my bump has been growing faster and faster I've noticed it's started to get itchy as my skin stretches (a likely sign that stretch marks are on the horizon, yay me!).
  1. Belly butter! You can use whatever kind of lotion or cream you want to soothe your itchy skin but I chose to make mine own belly butter using equal parts coconut oil, shea butter, and cocoa butter with some vitamin E oil and Rosehip oil thrown in for good measure. It feels great on my skin and smells like chocolate!

Those are really the only negative symptoms I experienced during the second trimester! It's definitely a shorter list than during my first trimester and it's sure it be a shorter list than the symptoms of the third trimester (as I've already had some new ones crop up!).

What symptoms have you experienced during the second trimester of pregnancy and how have you coped with them? Share your experiences with me in the comments below, I'd love to hear them!

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