Thursday, August 30

15 Delicious Vegan Breakfast Recipes Roundup

It's the most important meal of the day! And perhaps the most delicious. It's breakfast! The typical American breakfast isn't particularly vegan-friendly (bacon and eggs? No, thanks!). But with a few tweaks, you can have even the most traditional fare with a vegan twist. Whether you're into savory or sweet, these recipes are great any time of the day, brinner anyone?

Perfectly Fluffy Vegan Biscuits

Try these with vegan butter, jam, or even gravy!

Bean, Potato, & Veggie Breakfast Skillet

This delicious skillet meal is a whole breakfast in just one pan.

Tofu Scramble

My personal favorite thing to eat for breakfast! Add a bit of black salt for that classic sulphuric, eggy taste.

Vegan Rice Paper Bacon

They don't call it "life-changing" for nothing!

Light & Fluffy Vegan Pancakes

My go-to breakfast for lazy Sunday mornings or for dinner when I don't know what else to eat! I can't get enough of pancakes during this pregnancy. haha

Easy Vegan French Toast

Thought you couldn't have French Toast as a vegan? Think again!

Cinnamon Quinoa Breakfast Bowl

This yummy bowl is packed with protein and a fun texture change from traditional oatmeal.

Protein-Packed Vegan Breakfast Burrito

Upgrade your tofu scramble by turning it into a burrito!

The Perfect Vegan Banana Bread

When those bananas are too ripe to be eaten, it's time for banana bread.

Chickpea Flour Omelette Muffins (Vegan Egg Cups)

Chickpea flour is well known for making vegan omelets. In this fun recipe its used for vegan egg cups!

Vegan Pecan Pie Poptarts

A must-try!

Amazing Blueberry Muffins

The perfect recipe for when blueberries are on sale!

Vegan Apple Cider Donuts

Everyone local to me is freaking out about the local apple orchards opening up because it means apple cider donut season is starting! This vegan version will allow you to join in on the fun too.

Vegan Breakfast Bagel Sandwich

McDonald's who?

Overnight Chia Pudding

Prep the night before and run out the door with this easy overnight pudding!

Which recipes will you be trying for breakfast this week?!

*This collection of recipes is meant to serve as a resource to help you find vegan breakfast recipes from many talented bloggers around the web. The photos used in this post belong to bloggers who are linked in the corresponding recipes.

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