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Jamberry FAQ: The 8 Most Commonly Asked Questions

You may be familiar with Jamberry or maybe you've never heard of it at all! Either way if you're here I'm guessing you have a few questions about it.

If your question is "What is Jamberry?" then please refer to this article: click here! It'll give you the basic information about what Jamberry is. Once we're all on the same page and know what Jamberry is, let's go over some of the questions I get asked about the most as a Jamberry Consultant!

1. How do I apply the nail wraps?

This is by far the most commonly asked question, and with good reason! Jamberry Nail wraps are applied differently than any other nail wrap or nail product you'll find on the market. They may look like they're simply stickers but they must be heated up to activate the adhesive and give you a long lasting wear.

  1. To apply the nail wraps first clean your hands thoroughly with dish soap (it'll help remove excess oils from the nails better than hand soap).
  2. Push back your cuticles and wipe your nails off with nail prep solution, alcohol, or vinegar (to ensure it's clean off any oils you may have gotten on your nails since washing them, you'd be shocked how frequently we touch our nails!).
  3. Select the correctly sized nail wrap for your nail (it should be slightly smaller than the size of your nail so as not to touch the cuticle or skin), cut it in half, and lift it off the plastic backing with an orange stick.
  4. Apply the nail wrap to the nail and expose to heat for about a second, apply pressure down the middle of the wrap.
  5. Expose to heat on the left side only for two seconds, apply pressure from top to bottom rolling your finger from the middle to edge of the nail (follow the natural curve of the nail). Repeat on the right side.
  6. Repeat on the rest of your nails on one hand before trimming or filing to allow the wraps to cool (and thus better adhere to the nail).
  7. Trim off excess wrap and then file in a downward motion.
  8. Repeat on your other hand and you're done!

Sound complicated? Watch this video, it'll explain it better than I can through words. Click here

2. How do I remove the nail wraps?

What goes on must come off, right? Proper removal of your nail wraps is vitally important to ensuring you do not damage your nails. Any type of nail covering (polish, gel, acrylics, press-ons) can damage the nails when not removed properly. So be sure to follow these steps!

  1. Break the seal of the nail wrap at the cuticle end using an orange stick or your nail.
  2. Soak your nails in nail polish remover for 20-30 seconds and gently rub them off with a cotton pad. Soaking will break down the adhesive bond and allow them to easily slide off the nail bed.
And that's it! It's really that easy. The key is to go nice and slow when removing your wraps, don't try to rush it and don't try to just peel the wrap off, you may peel off some delicate layers of your nail along with it.

To get the quickest and easiest removal process possible check out Jamberry's Wrap & Lacquer Remover. It removes the wraps quicker than nail polish remover and it won't dry your nails out like nail polish remover does. This stuff is liquid gold!

3. How many applications does one sheet of wraps provide?

Each sheet with 18 nail wraps of varying sizes to fit any nail width (from your pinky to your big toe!). This will allow you to get two full manicures and two full pedicures per sheet with a few wraps left over that can be used as accent nails in a mixed mani!

4. How long do the nail wraps last?

The nail wraps typically last up to 2 weeks on fingers and 6 weeks on toes. I prefer to change my manicures weekly since I get bored quickly and don't like having nail growth. But several ladies on my team wear theirs for 3 weeks regularly!

5. Are the nail wraps water-proof?

Yes! With proper application and given time to cool and develop a water-tight seal, the nail wraps are water-proof. You can swim, shower, bath, hand wash dishes, even get into a hot tub with them, and wash your hands as many times as you need. It's recommended to wait at least several hours before submerging your hands into water (swimming, bathing, dish washing). You can wash your hands right away though.

6. How is Jamberry lacquer different from nail polish?

I have a secret to tell you. I had no idea what nail lacquer was before I became a consultant! I had never even heard of it before. Not only that, I was a consultant for quite a while before I realized lacquer and polish were different and not just different names for the same thing! So what makes them different?

  • Lacquer is thicker than polish and therefore makes your nails slightly thicker and stronger while you are wearing it.
  • Lacquer is more durable than nail polish and thus chip-resistant, meaning your manicure will last longer.
  • Jamberry lacquer specifically is 8-free. That means it's free of the eight most common toxins used in nail polishes (and lacquers from some other companies).

7. What are the benefits to being a Jamberry Consultant?

If you're a Jamberry lover like me you'll find that one of the best benefits is earning free products and swag! Jamberry gives all consultants a free sheet of wraps (of your course) for your birthday and Jamberry anniversary. There is an amazing Fast Start program that offers tons of free products and product credit. Jamberry has incentives running monthly for you to earn free swag and/or products. Not to mention you can host a party at any time to earn more freebies! If gifts are your love language then you will love Jamberry, because they love to give back to us!

The money is a great benefit as well. As a consultant you'll earn 30% base commissions (which are paid out every Friday) and can earn up to 10% bonus commissions (which are paid out monthly). You can also earn commissions from your team sales should you choose to build a team.

You'll also make amazing friends! In Jamberry we call our team our jamily, because it really is a Jamberry family. I've become very close friends with some of the ladies on my team, including those in my upline, my downline, and even some who aren't directly on my team. I've also made great friends in my hostesses and customers. If you're looking for a way to socialize more and meet new people who share a hobby and passion with you then the jamily is the place for you.

I could go on and on about this subject so I'll probably do an entire post dedicated to the benefits of being a Jamberry Consultant in the near future. Until then click here if you'd like to learn more and feel free to contact me with any questions!

8. What are the requirements to be a Jamberry Consultant?

First things first, there is no monthly minimum to be a consultant! Unlike most other companies you do not have to sell a certain amount every single month. Instead there is a yearly sales minimum of $600 in order to stay on as a consultant. If you do not reach this minimum (which can easily be met just through your own sales and throwing one party a year for your friends!), you'll drop down to a hobbyist and will no longer be eligible to have a team. But you'll still get to enjoy the other benefits of being a consultant!

Ready to try Jamberry Nail Wraps? Click here to see all of the designs and products we currently have available. If you're a U.S. resident aged 18 or older and would like to earn Jamberry products for free by hosting a 30 minute nail wrapping class on Facebook for you and your friends, click here.

Have any other lingering questions? Comment below and I will happily answer them!

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