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What Is Jamberry? - The Vegan Nail Art Revolution

Maybe you've heard of it. Jamberry, jams, "jamboree", nail wraps, nail "stickers". What the heck is Jamberry?!
Buy All The Jams! - What Is Jamberry? - The Vegan Nail Art Revolution

Jamberry is a direct sales company. That means when you order from Jamberry you're ordering directly through an Independent Consultant (like me!) who will provide you with customer service and assistance in choosing and using your products. A direct sales company is different from other companies in that the consultant who introduced you to the product earns commission from sales and will work directly with you to ensure you love your products. Other direct sales companies that you may have heard of include Tupperware (the old classic), Lularoe, Beach Body, Mary Kay, there are really too many to list even a small fraction of them.

Jamberry's flagship product and what we're the most well-known for is our nail wraps. Nail wraps are thin vinyl sheets with an adhesive backing that is heat and pressure activated. They last up to two weeks on fingers and six weeks on toes with no dry time and no chips! With designs including our Disney Collection, NFL Collection, Marvel Collection, Wonder Woman Collection, Peanuts Collection, NBA Collection, and more there is truly something for everyone. There are also juniors wraps for little girls (recommended for ages 9 and under). And best of all - they're vegan!

What Is Jamberry? - The Vegan Nail Art Revolution

They're also very economical! One sheet of Jamberry nail wraps will run you $15 to $19.50, depending on which ones you get, and most are Buy 3 Get 1 Free! Each sheet will give you enough wraps for two full manicures, two full pedicures, and some accent nails leftover. Sure beats $30 per mani and pedi, right?

The Benefits Of Jamberry What Is Jamberry? - The Vegan Nail Art Revolution

Sounds great, right? But how do they work?! Click HERE to watch the application video, read the instructions, and also learn how to properly remove them. (If you have any questions feel free to contact me anytime. My contact info is available on the Contact Me tab in the header.)

Jamberry lacquers and gels are 8-free! What Is Jamberry? - The Vegan Nail Art Revolution
Nail wraps aren't all Jamberry carries. We also have a line of high quality lacquers (similar to nail polish), gels, nail tools, and even hand and foot care products. And we have new products coming out all the time! The lacquers and the gels are both 8-free, which means they do not have the 8 toxins most commonly found in other nail products.

After the nail wraps one of my favorite products and a definite must-have if you plan to use the nail wraps long-term is the mini heater. Technically you can apply your nail wraps with a hair dryer but the mini heater is a game changer! It emits the perfect amount of heat with not too much force and best of all - it's nearly silent! You can get it for just $1 as a part of the Basic Bundle deal (which comes with 4 wraps of your choice, an application kit, and the mini heater).

Why you need Jamberry's mini heater What Is Jamberry? - The Vegan Nail Art Revolution
All of Jamberry's products are vegan with the exception of three (none of which are nail art related, thankfully). These three are Beauty Boost (biotin vitamins, they contain gelatin and beeswax), Quench hand balm (beeswax), and Soothe foot creme (beeswax). In lieu of Quench and Soothe I recommend the Nourish hand creme. It's super moisturizing and nourishing (thus the name) so you really won't miss the other two products anyways (I don't anyways). Steer free of those three little things and enjoy a vegan-friendly nail art paradise!

Now no post about Jamberry would be complete without a few nailfies, am I right?
Mermaid Tales nail wraps and Life's A Beach gel manicure and pedicure - What Is Jamberry? - The Vegan Nail Art Revolution
Mani and pedi featuring 'Mermaid Tales' wraps and 'Life's A Beach' gel.

Wedding manicure featuring Gold Floral and White Tips nail wraps - What Is Jamberry? - The Vegan Nail Art Revolution
I even wore Jamberry wraps at my wedding. I wore 'Gold Floral' over 'White Tips'.

Did I mention you can design your own nail wraps? One of my favorite things about Jamberry is designing my own exclusive designs in Jamberry's Nail Art Studio. And you can too! You don't even have to be a consultant to design your own nail wraps and if someone purchases your design you'll get paid for it. Cool, no? You can see my Nail Art Studio designs (including ones for Harry Potter, Outlander, Pokemon, The Phantom Of The Opera, and more) HERE.

Van Gogh Almond Blossoms Nail Art Studio nail wraps - What Is Jamberry? - The Vegan Nail Art Revolution
Van Gogh Almond Blossoms wraps I designed in Nail Art Studio.

Space Unicorns Nail Art Studio Jamberry nail wraps - What Is Jamberry? - The Vegan Nail Art Revolution
Space Unicorn wraps I designed in Nail Art Studio.

I've been using Jamberry since January 2015 and have been a consultant since February 2015. This business has been such an incredible blessing to me for allowing me to earn some extra cash back when I was a college student and now I get to pay off my student loans and make a living while working from home, being my own boss, and doing a job that I truly enjoy! If you're on the market for a way to make some side cash and some new friends contact me and I will send you more information about the Jamberry business opportunity!

The Jamberry business opportunity - little box, big opportunities!

So those are the basic of Jamberry! If you'd like to learn more and keep up to date with what's new with Jamberry come 'like' my Jamberry Facebook page. If you're U.S. based and would like to earn some Jamberry nail wraps for free, contact me to schedule a Facebook party. I'll send you free wraps just for scheduling with me!

Thanks for reading and if you have any questions at all comment below or contact me via Facebook or email.

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