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35 Cheap (or free) Spring Date Ideas

Spring has sprung and the weather is finally warming up. It's time to get outside, enjoy the flowers, and spend some quality time with your significant other. If you're looking for some fun, cheap (or even free) date ideas to try out this Spring then read on for some of my husband and my favorite date ideas!

1) Go for a picnic

My favorite picnics are Mediterranean style. We'll go to the olive bar at the grocery store and stock up on Dolmas, olives, Tabbouleh, and some bread. Just add some fruit and chocolate and you're set!

2) Go on a hike

What better way to enjoy the Springtime than by being outdoors and deep in nature?
Hiking by the river - 35 Cheap (or free) Spring Date Ideas
Eric and I going for a nice little hike by the river.

3) Play trivia

Many bars have trivia nights which are cheap or even free to attend.

4) Museum

Many towns have free ones, mine has a free art museum and a free Anthropology museum. Check out what free museums your town has to offer.

5) Botanical Gardens

Again many towns have free ones. An hour north of me in Madison, WI there is a stunning free botanical garden. There are also several cheap ones nearby, some even do specials were certain days of the week (such as Tuesday) are discounted.

6) Comedy show at a bar

Our local vegan pub does comedy shows once a month and they're free to attend. Of course we always grab a beer and some food to snack on so then it ends up being a cheap date rather than a free one.

7) Take a walk around your local park

And play Pokemon Go if you're into it. My husband and I can easily spend an hour walking along the river at our local park catching Pokemon. It's a lot of fun.
Pokemon Go - 35 Cheap (or free) Spring Date Ideas
Pokemoning it up! :)

8) Play board games

If you're anything like my husband and I you have dozens collecting dusk, break those bad boys out and put them to good use!

9) Play games in the park

Why not bring your chess set, checkers, etc. to the park and enjoy the gorgeous Spring weather?

10) Farmer's Market

Most farmers markets open back up during Spring! Why not spend a Saturday morning strolling yours? You can even stock up one some delicious goodies for your picnic. My local one also has live music playing which makes it even more enjoyable.

11) Go to a winery and enjoy a tasting

Many are free and it's a fun way to try out new wines and feel a little classy at the same time.
Go to a winery - 35 Cheap (or free) Spring Date Ideas
This tasting wasn't free - but it was worth every penny of the few dollars it cost.

12) Go to a brewery

Enjoy a beer tasting and tour. Tours are usually free with a tasting (which are typically quite cheap).

13) Go geocaching

Before Pokemon Go, there was geocaching! It's a scavenger hunt using GPS coordinates and small trinkets you can collect, just be sure to bring some trinkets along to replace those you find.

14) Create your own Chopped competition

Go to the grocery store or Famer's Market and pick up a few odder ingredients and make your own challenge to see who can come up with the better meal.

15) Stargazing

Bonus points if it's during a meteor shower!

16) Paint pottery at a local paint shop

This is a fun creative date and it's pretty inexpensive (smaller pottery pieces will be cheaper than larger ones) plus you'll have some lovely decorative pieces to add to your home when you're done.

Paint pottery at a local paint shop - 35 Cheap (or free) Spring Date Ideas
We made a little gnome couple together!

17) Movies in the park

Many towns do free movie screenings in the park during late Spring and summer.

18) Camp in your own backyard

Break out that tent and sleeping bag and camp in your own backyard.

19) Play putt-putt

Also know as mini-gold, putt-putt is tons of fun and cheap. My husband and I tend to get really competitive when we play.
Play putt-putt - 35 Cheap (or free) Spring Date Ideas
For the record, I dominate him at putt-putt.

20) Go for a bike ride

Whether you hit a trail or bike around the park this is a great way to enjoy the sights and get some fresh air. You can even rent a tandem bike!

21) Play pool or darts at a local bar

Make it a competition if you want. Loser has to give the winner a massage! ;)

22) Volunteer together for a cause you're both passionate about

It's free and you'll be helping others!

23) Rent a kayak, canoe, or paddleboat

This is especially fun in later Spring as the weather heats up. Don't forget the life jacket.
Go paddleboating - 35 Cheap (or free) Spring Date Ideas
Don't forget the sunscreen!

24) Go out for appetizers

Cheaper than ordering a full meal out but you still get the experience of dining at a restaurant.

25) Go to a flea market and look for gifts for each other

Set a price limit ($5, $10, whatever you choose).

26) Attend live music shows in your town's local park or bars

This is a great way to support your local talent and you never knew what favorite new band you'll discover!

27) Train for a 5k

Bonus points if you pick a fun one like Color Run, a beer crawl, zombie run, etc

28) Visit an animal sanctuary

Admission goes directly towards helping the animals so you can really feel good about what you're spending and you'll get to learn all about the animals at the sanctuary.
Visit an animal sanctuary - 35 Cheap (or free) Spring Date Ideas
I made a new friend. :) 

29) Fly kites

Especially on the windier days of Spring kite flying is a great activity.

30) Go to a play

Between you local theater, college, and high school there's sure to be someone putting on a good show at a good price.

31) Attend your community's Spring festival

Many towns have some kind of music festival, art walk, Strawberry festival, or some other kind of festivity in Spring. 

32) Play tourist for a day

Most towns have historical houses and other monuments which locals typically overlook. Spend the day enjoying all those sights which usually only the tourists go see!

33) Have a movie marathon

There's no time like the present to rewatch all the Harry Potter films.

34) Teach each other a new skill

Does one of you know how to play an instrument, paint, knit, skateboard, etc? Teach your skill to your partner.

35) Play strip poker

Need I say more?

Not sure which idea to try first? Create your own 'Date Jar' by writing down the ideas you like best on Wooden Craft Sticks/Ice Cream Sticks, sticking them in a jar, and then whenever you need a new date idea select a stick at random!

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