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The 8 Best Things To Do In Beloit, Wisconsin

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I'm a fairly new Beloiter (Beloitian?). My husband and I moved here from Manhattan, KS in 2016 for his job (prior to that I lived in Boulder, CO and prior to that Germany and prior to that.... okay, I move a lot). This town is relatively small with a population of just under 37k at last count and it's within driving distance of many larger towns and cities including Rockford, IL, Chicago, IL, Janesville, WI, Madison, WI, Milwaukee, WI, and the Dells, which all have a ton of amazing activities and restaurants to offer. However, despite being a smallish town though there are some gems right here in Beloit!

Beloit Wisconsin Map - The 8 Best Things To Do In Beloit, Wisconsin

Below is a list of my favorite things to do and favorite places to eat in Beloit.

Logan Museum Of Anthropology

The Logan Museum of Anthropology is a teaching museum for Beloit College (a social sciences college). It offers free admission to the public and while it's a bit small it packs a big punch. One room has floor to ceiling pottery displays! As someone who loves both ceramics and Anthropology I was in heaven in that room.

Wright Museum Of Art

Another teaching museum offered by Beloit College the Wright Museum of Art is free to the public. It's small but has collections of art ranging from classical to modern including statues, pottery, paintings, and more.

                                                                                      Riverside Park

Riverside Park Beloit Paddle Boats - The 8 Best Things To Do In Beloit, Wisconsin
Riverside Park is one of my favorite places to go in Beloit when I'm feeling a bit bored and just want to get out of the house. Walk along the river and enjoy the wildlife (including ducks, geese, various other birds, ground squirrels, muskrats (which I once mistook to be an otter and ran down the river to keep up with it haha). It's also a great spot for Pokemon Go hunting due to the high amount of PokeSpots. Turtle Island offers a playground for young children and there are tandem bike and paddle boat rentals available!

Beloit Farmers Market - The 8 Best Things To Do In Beloit, WisconsinBeloit Farmer's Market

Open Saturday mornings between May and October in the heart of downtown Beloit. The Farmer's Market offers stalls from local vendors containing produce, jellies, baked goods, crafts, and more. My favorite stall is run by a Chicago nunnery that sells authentic french baked goods including wonderful baguettes! There is also live music playing weekly. (Check out this huge bouquet of dinosaur kale I got last fall!)

                                                                                      Big Hill Park

Big Hill Park - The 8 Best Things To Do In Beloit, WisconsinIf you're looking to spend some time outdoors then Big Hill Park is the place for you! The park consists of 190 acres featuring bike trails, hiking trails, playgrounds, sand volleyball pits, picnic areas, a softball field, some great views of the river, cross-country ski trails, and an environmental education center. If you're a skateboarder looking for a thrill then the winding, steep downhill bike trail is a must! Just make sure to wear proper safety gear because you will be flying down the hill.

Bagels And More Vegan Gluten-Free Brownie - The 8 Best Things To Do In Beloit, Wisconsin

Bagels & More

Bagel's & More is one of our local coffee spots and my personal favorite due to their amazing vegan selection! They have vegan & gluten-free brownies, scones, and muffins, in addition to wraps, salads, a hummus platter, and more! Their coffee is a bit strong for my preference but they have the creamiest chai tea I've ever had, it's so good.

Clara Bo & Gatsby Wine Bar Sweet Potato Canneloni - The 8 Best Things To Do In Beloit, WisconsinClara Bo & Gatsby Wine Bar

This is where my husband and I like to go for our anniversary and other special dinners. It has a great ambiance but is a bit on the pricier side - thus why it's our special occasion spot. Their vegan options are slim but I enjoy the Sweet Potato Canneloni and the fancy cocktails on offer!

DC Estate Winery Wine Tasting South Beloit Illinois - The 8 Best Things To Do In Beloit, WisconsinDC Estate Winery

Although technically in South Beloit, IL I like to claim this as Beloit's winery. DC Estate has fantastic wines! My personal favorites are the Liberty Ice Wine, Cranberry Wine, Serendipity Sparkling, and Moscato. Truly though there are no bad wines here, even my least favorites I would classify as "okay".

For adventure seekers:

If you're seeking something a bit more adventurous then check out Sylvania Soaring Adventures, Inc. for glider plane rides, Skydive The Rock for skydiving, or Escape Quest for escape rooms and scavenger hunts. I haven't tried any of these out myself just yet because they're pricey (with the exception of Escape Quest) and I'm a bit of a chicken but one day I'm going to muster up the courage to give them all a try!

That's it! My favorite locations in Beloit. Excluding the obvious ones like Starbucks, chain restaurants, the movie theater, and the bookstore. The places listed in this article are ones which are unique to Beloit and that I would recommend a friend to check out while in town. If you're ever in the area I hope you take the time to stop into Beloit and check out some of these locations. If you do be sure to come back and tell me your own favorites places in Beloit!

 - The 8 Best Things To Do In Beloit, Wisconsin

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