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My 23 & Me Ancestry Results

23 Chromosomes - My 23&Me Ancestry ResultsA couple of years ago I stumbled upon 23&Me and was fascinated. With one simple test I could learn exactly where my ancestors came from, how much Native American heritage I actually had, even how much Neanderthal DNA I had! After getting my results I became a teensy bit obsessed with my ancestry. I subsequently bought both my mother and my father kits to have their genes tested (so mine would be even more accurate) and my father and I completed our family tree dating back hundreds of years (it became a really fun project for us to do). Within the past year or so 23&Me has also expanded to offer health reports (I was grandfathered into the program). You can learn all kinds of things like your predicted hair color, whether or not you have variants for late on-set Alzheimer's, even if you're likely to smell asparagus in your pee (who decided we needed to know that result?). So if you've ever thought of getting your genes tested take a gander at what you can learn about yourself via your results.

What is 23&Me?

What Comes In A 23&me Testing Kit - My 23&Me Ancestry Results23&Me is a genetic testing company which provides people with their ancestry and health information based on their genes. Their mission as stated on their website is, "To help people access, understand, and benefit from the human genome." I LOVE that!

They send you a kit in the mail, you spit in a tube (it takes a surprising amount of spit to fill the tube up!), mail it back to them, and then you wait a few weeks for your results.

My Ancestry Results

Without further ado, here were my ancestry results.

Overall View Of My 23&Me Ancestry Results

This is the overall look of my ancestry. These results were a bit of a surprise to me. Based on what my family had thought of my father's ancestry I was expecting to come out at about 3% Native American. And I had no idea I had any African ancestors.

European Ancestry Results - My 23&Me Ancestry Results
This is my European ancestry breakdown. It came as no surprise that my British & Irish ancestry was so high as a large part of my known recent ancestors are English, Scottish, and Irish. I had no idea that I had Scandinavian or Sardinian ancestry though (I didn't even know where Sardinia was prior to seeing these results!).

African Ancestry Results - My 23&Me Ancestry Results
This is my African ancestry breakdown. My African ancestors were from West Africa, pretty cool to know!

Native American Ancestry Results - My 23&Me Ancestry Results

This is my Native American ancestry breakdown. "Native American" encompasses all tribes in both North and South America. There currently is not enough data to determine the DNA of different tribes or even from different regions. Hopefully in the future as more Native Americans have their DNA tested the results will be more specific.

Unassigned Ancestry Results - My 23&Me Ancestry Results

A very small fraction of my DNA was unable to be assigned. This percentage was higher before my parents were tested. My results became more more specific after their results helped to categorize mine more clearly (less of my DNA now shows as "Broadly European" or Unassigned now). So if you have living parents and are able to I'd definitely recommend considering having them tested as well. It's also really interested to learn exactly who you inherited certain DNA from (for example, I know my African and Scandinavian DNA came from my father whereas my Native American and Sardinian DNA came from my mother).

Ancestry Timeline - My 23&Me Ancestry Results

This is a timeline which shows approximately how long ago I would have last had ancestors from these specific regions based on the percentage of DNA I have for each population. This is right on point with some of what I saw in my family tree that my father and I did together.

Neanderthal DNA - My 23&Me Ancestry Results
This is the amount of Neanderthal DNA variants I have. So cool! Getting this result was the main reason I choose 23&Me over another testing site. 23&Me no longer tells you the exact amount of Neanderthal DNA you have as a percentage of your DNA but due to old results I know that I have 3% Neanderthal DNA overall, that's quite high! By comparison the average person of European descent has about 2.7%. Asians tend to have less and most Africans will have 0%.

My Health Reports

There are many different health reports provided by 23&Me and they are adding new ones all the time! Here's a sampling of the health reports you can receive.

Caffiene Genetic Results - My 23&Me Ancestry Results

I'm a pretty big coffee drinker so I found this result amusing.

Hair Color Genetic Results - My 23&Me Ancestry Results

I found this result interesting because while I had nearly double the chance genetically of having dark blonde hair I actually ended up with light brown hair.

Eye Color Genetic Results - My 23&Me Ancestry Results

I have hazel eyes so this is accurate. There are actually websites where you can enter in your raw genome (provided to you by 23&Me) and they will predict exactly what your eye color will look like. It's fascinating.

Skin Color Genetic Results - My 23&Me Ancestry Results
Yep, I'd say that's pretty accurate. I'm about as fair as fair can be.

Weight Genetic Results - My 23&Me Ancestry Results

Okay, getting into the juicier stuff now. I will admit I was a bit surprised by this result and also relieved. I've struggled with my weight since I was 10 years old. I have been at an "average" weight several times before but overwhelmingly I've spent my life overweight and the vast majority of my family is overweight. So I really did think my result would show that I was predisposed to be slightly overweight. But no, my genes don't say that about me. They say that I should be an average weight and I found that liberating. It means my weight is entirely in my own hands and I have full control over it! (Now of course if your genes say you may be of a lower weight that may not be the case, if it says you may be of a higher weight that may not be the case either and your genes do not completely define your weight, your lifestyle does as well. All I'm saying is knowing that my weight is 100% lifestyle for me and NOT a consequence of poor genetics was a relief and made me feel even more in control.) 

Alzheimers Genetic Results - My 23&Me Ancestry Results
This one of 23&Me's most recent tests (as I write this) and was a relief for me to know about myself. There are also results available for Parkinson's, Cystic Fibrosis, and many other diseases. Keep in mind that you can refuse to see your results for any or all of these diseases. You can choose only to see the fun things like whether you're likely to have freckles (I am) or whether you're likely to flush when you drink alcohol (I'm not). I was fortunate in that I was negative for every single test that 23&Me has currently available which was a big weight off my shoulders. But for some people you may not want to know if you're positive for some of these things, it can definitely be life altering news. So just know, you don't have to find out if you don't want to, even if you do get the test done.

Meet New Relatives!

One of the cool functions in 23&Me is that you have the ability to find blood relatives who have also been tested (you also have the option to choose not to). This is great for people who are working on their family tree and interested in linking up with people to help compare trees and fill gaps. It's also an amazing opportunity for people who were adopted, you could potentially meet biological relatives through 23&Me. The closest relative I currently have on 23&Me (aside from my parents) is a 2nd-3rd cousin who has the same last name as my mother's maiden name, most likely he's a cousin of my grandfather (we haven't reached out to each other).

Would you get tested?

There are many more health report results available, way too many for me to list them all here and they are constantly being added to. The Ancestry report alone is $99 which I think is 100% worth every penny! The Ancestry report plus Health report is $199. Whichever way you decide to go you will have a new and unique understanding of who you are and where you come from.

Get your 23&Me test by clicking here.

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My 23&Me Genetic Testing Ancestry Results

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